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Our Project

FreeArt Association is in a process of establishing a long-term art studio education program for street children in the Philippines. The program is free of charge. We started our activity more than two years ago together with the artist Kublai Milan. Our first workshops were with disadvantaged children from Boystown in Davao city. On December 2016 we opened a large exhibition in Manila showing the works of the children from Boystown. We are planning other events and exhibitions with the kids works. Our art workshops with Boystown children will continue as a long term commitment. On April 2018 We are also openning a new cycle of workshops for disadvantaged and street children from Davao city in the amphiteater of Maqsaysay Park. These workshops will take place one saturday every month durin the year. The children will be sent to us inorder to participate in the workshops by the poor communities in Davao city with our control on the choise of children. Every child will get also a …

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